Motorola Droid 2 R2D2 Edition: Star Wars



A long long time ago, in a Verizon store far far away…


No, let's not go down that route.


It is different than the Droid 2 in looks, they have given it the R2D2 Star Wars treatment, really a refreshing fun look for this unit.



1 GHz OMAP 3620 is what changes this, 1 GHz dual processors, yeah 1 apiece! Take that and throw in an 8GB ROM /512MB RAM. It also allows for a Memory card, 8 GB is what comes with it and you can hit it up to a maximum of 32 GB. Everything should be the same as the original Droid 2.



Similar to the original, it has an 854 x 480 pixel (0.41 Megapixels) TFT LCD, 3.7 in (94 mm), 16:9 aspect ratioWVGA. So with that said it's bright, it's clear and it is pretty awesome! It is very big feeling, similar to the original and very nice to look at. Again, nothing changes.


This is a good battery, it's a 1400 mAh Li Ion so if you do a lot it may not last all day, but probably a good portion of the day. It has decent life and does a good job at hacking at life's challenges that you give it. Doesn't change unless you run the fancy Star Wars live wallpapers like mad or if you are constant watching the video of R2.


Operating System

Android 2.2 comes STOCK with this phone, Moto Droid was first to have 2.0 and Moto Droid 2 is first to come with 2.2 and Flash pre-loaded. Android 2.2 is great with Blur.



The Blur software comes with this phone, lots of Moto widgets, the Moto widgets are pretty awesome. They are pleasing to the eye and easy to use, plus they are actually useful. I like using the help widgets as well as the RSS feeds and news widgets, nice for being on the go. Some of the widgets have been revamped to add Star Wars.


They changed the physical keyboard a bit, that's where must the gripes or praise came from with this phone from most people, they either are happy that they took the bulky d pad-like button out or they are sad that they did that. (In my opinion) I am sad about it, I grew to like it and its hard getting used to what they put in there, it spaced the buttons out a lot, or it feels like a lot any how. Also, swype came pre installed as well, so if you aren't in the mood to use the hard keyboard then an awesome alternative is there.


Web Browsing,  Camera and Video

It has a fast browser that feels just a bit different. It is pretty cool over all. Fast and nice, easy to use and familiar yet different. The camera disappoints in my opinion, it changed nothing, still the same 5MP camera and instead of upping video to 720p they left it at DVD quality, a bit sad, but still very nice, not saying that it sucks. It does add its own silly camera you can use, well fake binoculars, search out HOTH!

Call Quality


I am always happy with the Verizon network, this hasn't changed my mind, Motorola did great on calls and speakers. I like how good and clear it is.


  • They changed the volume rocker to be flush
  • The headphone jack is also flush
  • Good Camera 5mp
  • It has a dedicated camera button
  • It has a dual camera flash
  • Android 2.2 installed
  • Swype Pre Installed
  • Adobe Flash Installed
  • Star Wars FUN!


  • Still felt the same as Moto Droid
  • Keyboard isn't different

Conclusions & Final Thoughts

If you have a Droid 2 and want to change to this for SOME reason and are within your 14 days, go for it, but this is not enough to just CHANGE! Nothing changes, this is a good fun upgrade for Star Wars Fans. There are a number of notification sounds that are very Star Wars-related. This is a really fun upgrade phone and a really fun joint deal between Star Wars and the Droid series of phones, I have enjoyed having it a lot!

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