Motorola CLIQ 2.1 Upgrade available Now; Goodbye Cupcake!


In case you've been waiting for it, Motorola has finally made official the Android 2.1 upgrade for the CLIQ. All you Cupcake lovers out there can finally move forward with a brand new batch of features Android has to offer. Along with the update comes new home screens, widgets, and gadgets alike. Some of the key features in this update for CLIQ include:

  • Google apps such as Speech-to-Text, Google Turn-by-Turn Navigation, and Google Voice Search
  • A new better Android Market  with access to a larger range of apps specifically designed for devices using Android 2.1 or later
  • Improved multimedia apps, Media Gallery, and Connected Music Player have been enhanced for better interaction with your media
  • You'll have 7 screens to make your own.
  • Better Widgets, You can make them larger or smaller. They also rearrange easily when you drag them to new locations on your Home screen.
  • The new Contact quick tasks widget lets you put a picture of a contact on your homescreen and assign quick actions for that contact.
  • Task Manager – New feature provides information about programs running on your phone
  • Exchange now has Global Address Lookup, address history lookup, and Push ActiveSync

There are plenty of other new features to play around with, so if you have a CLIQ and are ready to move on to a bigger and better Android, be sure to hit the link above and head over to Motorolas update page to get started.