Impatient? Manually Update Your HTC G2

Are you one of those people that needs the latest and greatest right now?  Well if you have an HTC G2, you can.  T-Mobile and HTC have made it as easy as any Android phone to get this update early, instead of waiting for the OTA.  Want to know how?  Follow these steps:

1.  Download the file here and make sure it's named "".  If you need to, check Google to see how to view file extensions on your computers operating system.

2.  Hook your G2 up to your computer via your USB cable and transfer the file over.  Place it on the SD card, Not in a folder, in the top tier or root directory of the SD card.  Check here if you need more info on transferring files from your computer.

3.  Power down your G2, then turn it back on while holding the volume down button.  You will see a white screen,  choose recovery and press the power button to select it.  When you see the picture of the G2 with a red triangle, hold the volume up button and press the power to bring up the menu.

4.  When the menu comes up, select Apply SD card: and away we go.

5.  Nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy your freshly updated G2

This is exactly the same thing as updateing with an OTA, just without waiting for your carrier to get around to pushing it out.  If you have hacked your G2 a little, You may want to check MoDaCo for safe update instructions.   Thanks to Jerry Hildenbrand and our friends at androidcentral for actually attempting this on one of their phones.  Let us know if you update your G2, how did it go and what are your impressions in the comment section below.  Enjoy.

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