Hot Topic: Nexus Two, Sit on It

Well once again there are more and more rumors of such powerful phones that I honestly believe there will be a series of phones or a phone that's just called "The One" or "The Ring" or just have the motto of "one phone to rule them all." Yes, I know you're probably rolling your eyes at that statement, but seriously. Samsung named a phone "Epic" and hot damn is that phrase/word beyond old and annoying. It's like me, or someone, trying to bring back the phrase "that's so fetch" or "dude, that's the bomb."

Just think about it and see how that makes you feel. And on that note, that brings me to what really "grinds my gears;" the fact that people are now having an addiction for what's hot. We're already at an age in which the concept of technology, the technology itself, and the hardware cannot function together and are causing all sorts of problems. Battery life, "grip of death" situations, phones feeling cheap in comparison to the software they hold. All of those things are real issues because as people go about their daily lives, you can't have a car that over heats if you go past 66MPH, when people like me travel, there's a stretch of road that's encouraged and preferred that you travel at 80MPH. Now think about your phone in that way, those who own the phones with the 1Ghz processors know that those phones have battery life issues, whether or not you do some major tweaking and that's because of the features and stuff going on, but why can't there be a decent battery that doesn't mutilate the phone?

Enter the rumor of the alleged Nexus 2/ Nexus S. Remember when Google announced the Nexus One and then said that there will be no Nexus One successor because the job of the Nexus One was to raise the bar for all phones and especially those who are running the Android OS and it did? Now, why in the name of Oprah and Andy Rubin, would there be a Nexus 2?

For many, they want another phone with the power of my Macbook (2.4 Ghz processor) and good lord, what on earth would you do with that? If you have a phone with a bigger screen size to handle that kind of power and put it to good use, like the Droid X, Dell Streak, Evo and the like, you will end up with what John Retinger (from calls a "phoner" and guys, do you really wanna go through that awkward puberty stage again? And ladies, oh you beautiful creatures with your nonexistent pockets, how would you store that thing, even in your mini purses? And this I say with all respect to people everywhere, after all, I'm one too ya know!

Anyway, now you know that Google tried to trump cell phone carriers by selling the Nexus One not through them but through Google itself, it may not have been as successful as they wanted, but son of a gun, guess who got FroYo first? And you guys know how much we will fight tooth and nail to get the latest and greatest version of Android on our phones. I'll hurt someone, but that's just me being honest.

If the Nexus One remains the one and only, except for maybe a model update like in three or four years, will really drive home that Android should not be skinned, or skinned so much as to leave the device useless when it comes to a new update. Seriously, people, like Andy Rubin said, the consumer will pick and therefore determine the market. That will really hurt all the carriers and really re-change the market in a way that the iPhone gave birth to Android (you know it did, there's no real way to not acknowledge that fact. No ostrich here boys and girls, daddy's just being honest).

Holy crap! Seriously, imagine owning an awesome smart phone that can outlive your contract with your carrier like the good ol' days! Now that will be something to brag about. Apple may have a new version of their devices about once a year, but that's their charm for some and annoyance for others, because it really goes back to the old adage that says once you buy a piece of technology it's pretty much obsolete.

If the real future is open and not closed off to allow evolution, why are people constantly hindering Android when it can, and is, be a real money-maker? People are so focused in the now, just think about the future. I'm sure there are people who like me, that if you really piss me off, I'll get up and buy my contract out and buy a new phone to go with someone else who will tailor to my needs. Leave the Nexus One alone and let others just see how well it can evolve on it's own. Don't archive those forums. Create someone to be able to give tech support for the phone. And let me tell you, Android will be what it really is meant to be. It's own thing.

Stat wise, Android users may not have as much sex as iPhone users, but know that we are statistically the people who are more likely to bring home the next best thing in the world that gives us money. With money, things will follow if you catch my drift.

Anyone who's reading this and can possibly tell some head honcho at Google involved with Android or the Nexus One device, tell them how much it will mean if the device is kept alive and not a piece of history never to be used again. You guys allow people to keep selling you short, and on that note, don't cut us short either. If theoretically, the G1 could have run FroYo (it has been done) why not jus do it?

Keep the Nexus One and that can be the one to rule them all, and not just in theory and the principle behind it, but a living and real model.

No Nexus 2 or Nexus S, it will be more detrimental than beneficial.

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