Here's the Samsung-Made Nexus S

With so many leaks appearing now, it seems like it's almost official that Samsung is making the next Nexus phone, dubbed Nexus S. Some new leaks even show the Samsung style of phones (similar to Galaxy S) and even point out that this is the Samsung GT-i9020 discovered earlier.

The phone will have a 4 inch Super AMOLED display, a front-facing camera, capacitive buttons, and come in 2 flavors -- one with stock Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and one with the Touchwiz skin. The Nexus S has a "Google" branding on its back, which is different from the previous Google-experience phones that had "with Google" instead. It's a small difference, but I think Google is realizing the importance of branding on these phones. The more people see Google on phones, the more they will want "Google phones", which means there will be a lot more stock Android phones, with the Google experience.

This is a speculation on my part, but I think this phone may come with a 1.2 GHz CPU and possibly a 1280 x 720 or similar HD resolution for the display. Why do I think that? Because I doubt Samsung and Google wanted just a phone with rehashed internals from the Galaxy S, so they must've worked to improve it. The Droid 2 Global will have a 1.2 GHz CPU, as well, so it's certainly possible for them to have done this. As for the resolution, it was rumored way back in June that Gingerbread will allow for that kind of resolution on 4 inch+ displays. It doesn't necessarily mean it will be in the Nexus S, but considering how much praise the iPhone 4 got for its high pixel density, I wouldn't be surprised if Google wanted it in Android phones ASAP, too. A resolution like that should create a much higher pixel density than what iPhone 4 has, in fact.

Personally, I wanted the next Nexus phone to set a standard once again, like it did when it was the first Android phone with a 1 GHz CPU this year. I was expecting it to set the new dual-core standard, but I guess that's not happening till early next year -- too bad. Still I think it's a great win for consumers that there will be a stock Android phone from such a large manufacturer that will make it available everywhere. Here's hoping that more manufacturers will follow, especially if this phone proves to be a great success in the market.

The Nexus S phone will be available from T-mobile by the end of the year (perhaps by Black Friday).

Images: Engadget

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