Hellotxt, HelloWorld! App Review: Hellotxt by Hellotxt


Hellotxt, Hello World!

App Name: Hellotxt, by Hellotxt

Description: Hellotxt is a simple and fun tool for your life online. A smart, mobile feed shows all your friends' updates, while text and media you want to show friends reach multiple social networks simultaneously. Enhance pics with your personal creativity through our Doodle feature, and share your location through map posts!


How it works: Synching up your social networking sites (profiles) through the app, HelloTxt, and be able to interact with all of them through one main access point. Tweets, Statuses, etc.

Opinion: Personally, I am surprised that this app wasn't around way before! The way that it functions is like that of an operator/ dispatcher back in the day, that would be your medium to the world over the wire.  This is the new medium for wireless communication with your social circles. I do not use many social networking sites, but if you have many, this would be your "ring to rule them all" and I would REALLY say you take a look at it.

Ratings :

  • Speed (3/5) –   The app seemed a little slow, but I think that can be attributed to the fact that it tries (I think) to synch up everything and allows you to be up to date when you want to look at your social networks.
  • Features (4/5) –  Features for this app are awesome. There is so much that you can do, and so much that you can synch up. I want to say that if there is a social network out there, this app supports it, I'm not too sure as I don't use them much, but there are pages upon pages to make your selections. The one thing that stops me from giving this section a 5/5, is that there is a lack of a way to access a link or something through the "feeds" section is more like a ticker while watching the news; you can only see them but can't interact with them (that was my experience with using Twitter). And you can post "doodles" not just text!
  • Theme (3/5) – The app is smooth in appearance and not rough to look at, but with only using green and black and white for the areas to input text. It felt more like a possible theme to apply, but not the main theme for the app itself. Something brighter to reflect the aspect of "being social" would seem to be more appropriate than the darker colors.
  • Overall (4/5) -An app that I'm very glad that I came across! Common sense and  innovative by meeting a need for the modern social world. Great for the being able to do anything from one spot in one place, quite a power house really.


-simple and clean UI makes it a pleasant to use

-the ability to post "doodles" and not just text


-ability to post geographic location

-ability to take a photo to upload and "doodle" on it natively

-VERY integrated into the user's social life



-there is not a way to access the links that came in through my Twitter "feed"

-the color scheme was too dark, felt more like a theme


-accesses the data when app launches, not when user access their "feed"

Conclusion: A great application worth checking out if you have more than one social network account or profile (Facebook and Twitter, and the like). Filled with features to explore, have fun with and really worth checking out to find out that this app allows you to express yourself with more than just text, emoticons, and photos, this app lets you "doodle" and submit that as your "status." The only things that did not go well with me were the color scheme, it was too dark and felt more like a theme, and that there was not a way for me to access the links from tweets that were coming in through my "feed" like other twitter apps have let me do. I would also love to see a widget for this app. The application is an answer for those who are very social and don't want a phone that is more like a feature phone, but this app will give you all the social feature you want and lets you choose from more social networking sites that I even knew existed! Very happy with the app and pleasantly surprised, it actually made me want to have tons of social networks synched with it to drive people crazy with all the stuff I can do with one phone, one app, and in one place just to say that I could.

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