Google Goes on the Offensive in a New Lawsuit Versus the US Government

November 2, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

There is yet another lawsuit involving Google. There is just one difference in this one, and it is the fact that Google is on the offensive this time.

They are suing the United State Government, in particular the Department of the Interior, and saying “Inappropriately wrote procurement requirements for a messaging contract to favor Microsoft Corp (MSFT) over its own Google Apps”

The suit was filed on Friday, and it claims that the department to Microsoft for a request for a quote for an email and collaboration product, but that the request expressly excluded Google Apps by stating that the solution “had to be part of Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite”

Google’s main objective with this lawsuit is to keep the DOI from moving forward with contracts that don’t conduct “competitive procurement process”

Legal experts think that Google is using this lawsuit as a proxy in its ever-ongoing battle with Microsoft.