Galaxy Tab Source Code Released! Let The Modding Begin!


That right folk's, the source code has been released.  Now for you everyday users this really means nothing to you, YET.  Third party developers will have a field day with this though.  I expect to see some kernels, hacks, and many enhancements and upgrades to hit very very soon.

AT&T has not said what the model number of their Galaxy Tab is so we are kind of lost on that one.  If Samsung released the code we are not sure which one it is.  You can find a list below if modding, themeing and hacking is your game.

  • T-Mobile (US)
  • Verizon (US)
  • Sprint (US) and
  • Brazil
  • S.E. Asia
  • Hong Kong/Taiwan

You can find the at the Samsung Opensource page.  Now for everyone else, we can just sit back and see what the brilliant minds in the Android community do with it.  Can't wait to see what all can be done with the Galaxy tab.  Still hoping for a little Cyanogen love. 🙂