Finally, SE Xperia X10 Is Getting the Promised Android 2.1 Update

sonyericssonx10 e1288737974498

After months and months, and months, it seems like the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is getting in line with most Android smartphones out there. The rollout has already started on Sunday, although mainly in Europe. Canada is expected to be getting the update "in the week of November 8th".

On top of the Android 2.1 goodness, here's what else the update will bring to Xperia X10 (and X10 Mini):

  • HD camera (X10 only), 720p both on record and playback
  • Battery improvement (20-25% more)
  • Speed and navigation on the phone
  • Better web browsing

Hopefully, these will be the last Sony Ericsson phones that will have obsolete software on the date of launch. And it better be if they want to remain relevant in the smartphone market.