Facebook Phone Pops Back on the Radar

November 1, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

November 3rd, that’s the magic date. Facebook will announce something that day at their heaquarters in Palo Alto, California. It could be the announcement of a new Facebook app for all platforms or…this could be the announcement of the elusive Facebook phone.

Why not? Facebook is a great social hub and with their resources, they can easily make a phone that rivals top manufacturers’ offerings.  This is a bit familiar like Google and their Nexus One. At that time, it was also like Facebook, denying that they’re going to built their own phone and now… well, it’s safe to say no one complains much about Google’s denials. Will it the same with Facebook or will it go in a different direction? Will November 3rd be the time when Facebook announces its own phone or will it be the time Facebook announces something different, something innovative that’s going to revolutionize the social world?

Source: Phandroid