Apple Targets Android?

November 2, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Yes, it’s true.  Apple is targeting Android with a slew of lawsuits to follow.

It seems not so long ago that Apple held the high throne, and now how the evil has fallen to second and Androids rule the air.  I am not saying that the iPhone still is not good, because well it is, and we all have preferences when it comes to a device to use.  But Android is really pushing forward and has a great market and multiple devices on ALL carriers, where Apple is on AT&T.  That leaves a busted deal for many. I myself love T-Mobile.

So we cannot help but think that Apple is targeting Android because of fear.  Fear that their market is shrinking, and that has to scare many including Steve Jobs.  He recently lashed out against other tablets and Android itself. Maybe he is just bitter, either way Motorola is being sued for use of “Multi-Touch” in their phones, and yes the phones are Android.

Apple does not even own “Multi-Touch” and I am sure this suite will not impinge on Motorola and Android, but I assure you that Apple will target HTC next and yes, somehow Samsung and heck, let’s put Google in there (oooo yeah, they are being sued by Oracle).

This all comes down to money and fear, and Google will win and Apple will continue to crumble, just saying.

So for now I will sit back with my Coffee and point and laugh at Apple for even trying this, and continue to give Fist Pumps to Android and all its Droidness…