World Round Up: UK Pop Special


Take What?
Brit boy band Take That have caused quite a stir with their recent reunion. Well, apparently. With jeans far tighter than their performances, I have to say that I wasn't interested the first time around and would have happily continued ignoring them this time too if it weren't for a picture in London's free newspaper the Metro of lead mimer Robbie Williams holding a Samsung Galaxy Tab, It would seem that Samsung are sponsors for Take That's current UK tour and are using the position to plug their handsets.

In a UK press conference this week Robbie had this to say of his sponsors: "Er, Samsung is great. And we've er always done it. It's the best ones. And they er love us. And it's important that we do er singing, and then put these with us." A shame that Samsung do not seem to have heard that Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd have also reformed?

If you look closely at the picture, you can just make out the strings holding Robbie up.


The oldest marketing trick in the book
I'm not saying that the HTC Desire HD is not a fantastic phone, it is. And I'm not saying it hasn't proved incredibly popular here in the UK, because it has – I counted four in one subway carriage this morning. What I am saying is that telling customers that you are running out of a product is an age old way of shifting more units. So I, for one, am taking Vodafone's claim that they are selling out of the HD after the first week of trading, with a large pinch of salt. If they didn't know how popular the phone was going to be then they should be firing people not bragging about it.

Look at it this way… if a restaurant runs out of food halfway through your meal, do you think 'Wow! What a great restaurant!' or something less complimentary?

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