World Round Up: Game Rental, Tabs and the Desire HD in Sweden Australia India and UK


Game Over – Insert Coin
Now don't get me wrong, I'm all in favor of finding new ways to download and enjoy Android apps but Vodafone's game rental scheme has missed the mark by a long way. Vodafone are offering a €5 ($7) a month game rental scheme via their terrible 360 bloatware. Game rental makes a certain sense when applied to console games because they are so expensive but Vodafone seemed to have missed the fact that Android apps only cost a few pennies anyway and most of the games they offer for rental could be bought for the €5 rental fee with change for a coffee left over. Plus once you've bought a game its not going to self destruct because you forgot to pay your sub just as you are about to clock up that all elusive high score.

Knowing me, knowing you
Latest in a long line of carriers to announce the stunning Samsung Galaxy Tab are Swedish company Telenor. As usual they are trying to obfuscate the price with a bewildering array of contracts and data deals but, as with all the others, it'll cost you about a grand whichever way you turn it.

Telstra Tab
Not wanting to miss out on all the fuss that Android Tabs are causing, Australian telco giant Telstra are bringing out their own. The T-Touch Tab which is manufactured by Huawei is aimed at the same region of the market as the Dell Streak and will be available down-under from November.


Streak in India
The Dell Streak is still running along quite happily with Android 1.6 but there is nothing about the technology to prevent it running higher versions and all the signs are that it will be updated at some point. In India you can pick one up now, thanks to Tata Docomo, for RS.35,000 ($790). I'll take two.


All my friends have one
But I don't, not yet. The Smashing HTC Desire HD, I mean, They've all signed up for contracts but I want to wait until I can buy a SIM unlocked one. According to Amazon UK, that'll be October 25 and it'll set me back £470 ($850). Eighteen days and counting.

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