Vibrant Update Is Here, But No 2.2 (Not Yet)

October 7, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Now before you give some Fist Pumps to T-Mobile (they are great), but a little slow.  The Vibrant update is here and no its not 2.2 (not yet).  This OTA will fix the much needed GPS issue and Lag Fix, I am sure by now you went to setting and tried to update the phone, but its not there.

The reason you can not just press that magic button is because, T-Mobile is sending out the update in waves through the end of October (I have not got mine yet either), so be patient and even more patient but you will get your update.

Also a important side note do not use KIES for this, because it will not work it is OTA only, So with so many devices coming out with 2.2 and the Galaxy S at over 5million and counting, when will we get ours?