V Cast App Store; Coming to an Android near You


Verizon has been hard at work on the upcoming V Cast App Store for Android. The V Cast brand itself has evolved over the years from an OTA music service to the chosen branding of any and all multimedia services offered by the carrier.

The V Cast App Store has been a reliable tool to those Verizon customers with Windows Mobile devices and Blackberrys, but for Android, Verizon is stepping into a whole new ball game. Adding the app to the market will allow Verizon to reach many more customers who are growing and adapting to an ever evolving mobile lifestyle that is Android. Carrier billing will be allowed for Android devices, something with is currently only T-Mobile customers have seen. The rumor is that Verizon will  eventually allow subscription based services to be billed to the customer's account. Verizon would also like to work with developers to make V Cast for Android appealing to all.


Below are some of the main points Verizon recently gave developers as to why they would want to add to the V Cast store:

  • It's Free , No Testing Fees
  • It's Fast , Our Goal is to place your application in the App Store within 14 days of Submission
  • Abbreviated Click-Thru Agreement
  • Carrier Billing , Your applications are billed directly to the Customer's Bill; No credit cards, PayPal, etc.
  • 70/30 Revenue Share – 70% Developer / 30% Verizon
  • Hands-on, Experienced Content Programming Team – Get the visibility you deserve, not just a quality-crushing algorithm!
  • Content Programming and Store continuity across multiple platforms (BlackBerry & Android)
  • Integration with Network API's! Messaging& aGPS
  • Detailed submission guides online and forums monitored by our support staff
  • Subscription Billing – Coming Soon!