Trick Or Treat? 2.1 Android OS For Xperia X10 this Weekend


Treat it is my friends and owners of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.  Finally and I means FINALLY, they are getting some 2.1 goodness. I am sure though your going wait not 2.2? no, no Froyo not yet (if ever).  You would think with the phones coming out now with 2.2 this would be the standard, but not just yet and 2.1 is still good and a  nice upgrade from that old 1.6 android os.

So get excited, the update drops late tonight and will be pushed to your phone to enjoy


The update will bring a number of new features like HD video recording and continuous auto-focus as well as other enhancements. Users should also note that there are a number of apps in the Android Market that are only compatible with higher versions of the OS, so this update should open up a world of new apps, too. If your like me, I am an APP junkie and that makes this update pretty awesome for you…

Sony Ericsson lists the following for updates:

Xperia X10:
– HD video recording with continuous auto-focus for high quality videos
– Upgrade of the Android platform to Android 2.1
– New back up and restore application, with extended content back up
– 5 homescreens for apps, widgets, shortcuts and folders
– Social phonebook which automatically syncs contact pictures from Facebook and shows when your friends are online


Xperia X10 mini and X10 mini pro:
– Improved Bluetooth functionality with support for sending and receiving pictures, contacts and more
– New backup and restore application with extended content back up
– Automatic synchronization of your contact pictures between Facebook and your phone book
– Improved ways of handling pictures, audio, text and numbers in your messages
– Upgrade of the Android platform to Android platform 2.1

Overall, it will be like a completely new phone for Xperia smartphone owners. It was mind-boggling that these were being released with version 1.x of Google's mobile operating system, anyway, but it's mostly because SE committed to a user interface (UX) for Android that took such a long time to update. Oh well, better late than never, right?

So Enjoy your new phone, errrr I mean updated device! Fist Pumps on this Halloweekend…