The “NEXT” Android Tablet Mysteriously Surfaces

October 1, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

The leaked Android Tablet I am talking about is simply named “Next” and will be sold at The Next Retailer in the UK  very soon. I do love the smart branding they are trying to achieve, and let us hope it appeals to the customer amidst there shopping for the latest trends and skinny jeans and pumps.

The Next tablet so named is a 10 inch Android Tablet, boasting a unspecified version an ARM11 powered slab, with a WXGA display and 8GB of storage. It will be running OS 2.1 and will have around 3 hours of battery life.   There’s also a memory card reader, WiFi and two USB 2.0 ports, together with microphone and headphone sockets.  The tablet also works in landscape or portrait mode, although it is unknown if this is automatic or manual.

Little else is know about this new tablet coming out, but I can tell you it is cheaper than the iPad and I am sure cheaper than some of the other tablets already out or coming out soon.  The hardware sure seems good, but there is so much more than hardware to the ever growing tablet market, at £180 ($286), this may be a deal or dud, hopefully we will know more soon. Check out the Next online store for more details and pictures

For now we will leave this at no fist pumps and big old ?