The Logitech Revue: Is Google TV Worth $300?

Amid all the talk about the Logitech Revue, we should probably be asking whether the Google TV set-top box is worth the asking price, or your time.  Sure it lets you surf the web while watching football, or do a Google search when you hear some unfamiliar term from a documentary.  But, is the Revue worth the money, and is it the right product?

For now, the Revue is tied to Dish Network for a while, as Google's TV content search isn't integrated with any of the other providers.  That will change, but for now, a desirable feature of Google TV is an exclusive.

Your TV connects with the Revue through a HDMI port.  If your TV doesn't have one, you can't use it.  And speaking of things you can't use, remember that the Revue isn't supporting Android Market just yet.  Looks like that feature is waiting until early next year.  Sure, you can access your DVR content (provided you have Dish Network), your TV content, your content on your PC (if you give permission), and, of course, the Internet.  You can access the apps that are pre-installed on the Revue as well.

Did you know you can control the box with your Android phone?  It's true, all you need to do is download the app for that.  You can even speak your commands into your smartphone to control Google TV.  Plus if you are watching a YouTube video on your phone, you can share it with your Revue, which will turn the box on, the TV on, even your DVR.  And turn everything off when you're done.

Then there are all the accessories that Logitech didn't include with the Revue but might determine whether or not you want it.  Want that beautiful video chat?  The HD videocam will run $149.  If you want a smaller remote (the Revue comes with a larger one that includes a full keyboard), that's $129.  (Remember your smartphone can control it for free.)  The Revue also allows you to connect both indoor and outdoor security cameras and view them on your television.  Interested?  That will be $249 for the indoor cam, and $349 for the outdoor model.  But they haven't been released yet, and there's no date on when they'll be available.  So a  supposed $300 purchase could quickly end up over a kilobuck.

Remember, if you want to search DVR content, you have to get Dish Network?  At least if you have Dish Network, you can buy the Revue for $179 instead of $299.

Anyway, check out IntoMobile's hands-on video with the Logitech Revue, to get a better idea if this is something you really want, and want now.

Source: IntoMobile (Video and App Image)

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