The Empire Strikes Back With an App

October 1, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Grab your Android Phone of Choice and boot up your Light Sabers! with the recent launch of the R2 D2 phone of course it is only right that a Star Wars App be launched along with it.  This celebrates 30 years of Star Wars goodness, the app will include Sounds, Photo Galleries and Live Wallpapers.  Along with this will be trivia games and widgets galore.

I know you are all excited and little else is known about this app (I am sure the darkside has something to do with it), but sources say it will be releases 10/4 which is so close and yet galaxies away.

The App will sell for 2.99 and it is exclusive to Verizon customers, but rest assured we will have access when the Empire Strikes Back and I am sure will be a great buy even if your not a Star Wars Fan.

Its Star Wars and in my book that equals 2 Fist Pumps Up!