The best apps you've never heard of | Part 1 "PicSync"


Enough with Angry Birds, Papertoss, Pandora, etc.  There are hundreds of thousands of reviews for apps that have millions of downloads, but what about those great apps that we never hear of?

Apps are like money in the US, 95% of it is owned by 5% of the population.  With apps, 95% of the downloads are due to 5% of the apps, so the new apps are drowned out by googles "ranking" of them on the market.


This series of reviews will be dedicated to reviewing apps that are brand new, or have been on the market for a while but haven't garnered the attention they deserve.

If you have an app you think should appear in the "Best apps you've never heard of" segment, please comment on the post or mention it to me on twitter @diehard_dolfan.

The first app in our segment was brought to my attention by a friend who helps write press releases for apps, blogs, etc.   It does something no no other app on the Market does.. (you mean not another sound board?) which in itself,  deserves our attention.


Application Name: PicSync

Description: PicSync is basically what it sounds like.  It syncs the pictures on your Android device with your PC.  What is so unique about PicSync is that it does this in the background, over your wireless or wifi connection without plugging your phone into your computer.

How it Works: PicSync runs in the background, waiting for you to take a picture with the camera on your device.  Once you take a picture, PicSync begins syncing that picture to its secure servers, which then pushes the image to the PicSync folder on your Windows PC.  This is done by use of a Windows Application you must install on your computer after installing the app on your Android.


Opinion: After the initial sync (which took about 13 hours, i had over 500 images on my phone/sdcard) the app worked exactly as described (it should be mentioned that the initial sync only runs while nothing else is using the data connection on your phone as to not mess up your daily use).  I was taking pictures and within a few minutes they were on my computer.  I went to the park with my daughters, took a few pictures and when i got home they were sitting in a folder on my pc waiting for me, where has this app been?  I found the app to be a bit sluggish at times, not affecting my phone at all though unless i opened the app itself to see how many pics I had uploaded.  Even with it open, the phone itself wasn't lagged, just the app.  This wasn't too big a problem as the app runs in the background with no real need to ever open the Interface, so it didn't bother me.


  • Never have to plug your phone in to your computer to sync pics
  • Worked in the background automatically syncing pics as my camera took them
  • Only took about 5 minutes to set up phone and computer apps


  • User Interface could use an update
  • Initial Sync took a long time. (but i uploaded 2 gigs, so it's also my fault lol)
  • Doesnt sync my Videos (this is more of a suggestion to the developer!)

Overall:  4 out of 5 Stars


Overall this is a VERY useful app if you take pictures at all with your phone.  I know last time i broke my phone, i lost hundreds of pictures.  With PicSync this wouldn't have happened.  The best part of this app is the fact in runs in the background and automatically syncs my pictures with my computer, nothing I have ever seen does this.

Congrats to the Developer for thinking outside the "Sound Board, Fart Button, Sync2SDCard" box and bringing us something unique and great!

Do you have an app you want reviewed?  Email me at "[email protected]" and let me know why your app should make this segment!


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