T-Mobile G2 Users Already Reporting Big Issues

October 4, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Here we go again. Almost every new phone that has hit the market seems to have baggage. This is the case with any new piece of hardware really. In this instance, we are referring to T-Mobile’s newly released G2. A few big issues have surfaced from various sources. First on the list, lots of phones are being shipped with loose hinges; the most obvious symptom is that holding the phone upside down causes the screen to hang almost freely away from the other half but more annoyingly, holding the phone vertical and while trying to text using the hardware QWERTY keyboard, the screen will simply slide shut. With the hinge issue, it’s not impractical to imagine you could break that hinge if holding the screen incorrectly or just in everyday use.

Second, some G2 devices appear to have only half the promised storage space. It was said the device was to ship with 4GB and many have arrived with only 2GB. This is a pretty large mix-up. If this pans out and these claims are legitimate, T-Mobile better be prepared to compensate for some very unsatisfied customers.

Are you an early adopter of the G2? Are you having these or any other issues? We’d love to know, share your G2 experience in the comments below.