StartTalking, a truly handsfree Exprience Android App


Both Google search and Vlingo is the competing apps for handsfree action on your phone. That soon is going to change. The starttalking is the the new apps that will give you a truly hansfree experience. I'm serious. You don't need to touch your phone for any actions. You just spoke your predetermined name for your phone (Sweetie, Honey, Babe etc) and the phone will wake up and a computer voice will guide you to your text.

Once downloaded, the app asked you to identify contacts that should be associated with the application; he chose just three, family members and a friend with whom he could easily explain away any glitches.

Once installed, a short video explained how to use the service. StartTalking is always on and listening; all a user needs to say is "Operator" to get the app's attention. From there, users have a short list of commands, including "text", "voice text," "post to Facebook," "voice post to Facebook," "post to Twitter," and "voice post to Twitter." Voice posts included a short link to an MP3 file on which the recipient or reader can click. A user can also ask StartTalking to tell it the time.


Note that this is a texting app; StartTalking does not allow you to place calls as a safety measure. We didn't test the intersection between this app and a hands-free Bluetooth device, but it's likely that you may see some odd interactions.

Seems like a cool apps but it has one problem. It run on the background…forever… sapping the life of your precious phone's resources.

You can find this apps in the market. For more information, visit their website


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