Sprint just launched Sprint ID for Android at CTIA

October 7, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Sprint just launched Sprint ID at their CTIA 2010 press conference. Sprint ID is a new way to help you customize your Android homescreen to for your current activity or lifestyle. The idea is to essentially allow you to change your homescreen wallpaper, widgets apps and shortcuts at the touch of a button.

Sprint ID is actually pretty fantastic, despite a rather lackluster explanation. There are sure to be those of you that feel this is unnecessary or nothing ‘new’ to brag about, but the service is actually an incredible addition to Sprint’s software package. Users have been looking for an easy way to switch between profiles for use during different activities.

Getting started is quite simple as well. On the homescreen you will see an “ID” button. Pressing the “ID” button will open the Sprint ID app that shows you a grid of “ID” options to choose from. You may choose an ID you previously downloaded, add a new preset ID from the Sprint ID store or even create your own personal ID. You can also customize preset IDs to suit your needs. You can use a preset as a base and then add your own widgets and apps to make it your own.

Be mindful that no matter which ID you are using, you can always access any of your apps via the app drawer. The only things that an app pack will tweak/change are cosmetic. Example: If you are using your “Business” app pack and want to check sports scores on one of your apps, you can still just open the app drawer and check the scores, no holding you back.

Overall, Sprint ID is useful for anyone that wants to optimize their homescreen for various aspects of daily life. It should help increase productivity, help you stay more connected and could even make it easier to relax during your vacation.

I’ve included a video and some photos below (via intomobile) for you to check out Sprint ID a little closer.

Do you think Sprint ID will be a hit and see some 3rd party variants pop-up? Share your thoughts in the comments below.