Sony Ericcson Posts Higher Profits Due to Android

October 18, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Not different from most companies that have embraced Android in the last period, Sony Ericcson is showing a profitable quarter, making $68 million in profit after it lost $164 million last year.

Android has helped not only Sony Ericsson, but also Motorola which was saved from bankruptcy by android. HTC has also posted record after record profits, and has doubled its profits because of Android. Samsung has also recently announced that they’ve hit half their goal already with 5 million Galaxy S devices sold.

It seems to me that Android can help any company become profitable or increase its existent profits. Now, if only Nokia could see that, too, perhaps they wouldn’t be in such a bad situation right now with profits dropping fast and losing almost 10% smartphone market share per year.

[Via AndroidCommunity]