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Still crying over broadcasters banning Google TV? First, suck it up crybabies. Second, the new Google TV has been grabbing a lot of attention lately for two reasons; one being all the commotion about networks such as ABC, NBC, and CBS blocking Google TV owners from streaming full-episodes of their shows online.  Hulu and its competitor have also dropped the ban hammer on Logitech and Sony TV owners. However, companies like TBS and TNT are welcoming Google TV with open arms.  That's not all. is even digitally feeding shows to the Google TV even though its owned by none other than NBC. Comedy Central even hopped on board as a supporter.

Comedy Central: Comedy Central will bring to the table full episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Colbert Report, South Park, Drawn Together, and plenty others all streamed in glorious HD.


Syfy: NBC's very own will have shows like Caprica, Eureka, Sanctuary, Ghost Hunters, and Stargate Universe. The downside to this is that the video quality isn't as good (oh well, you win some you lose some).

TBS: Thanks to TBS, shows like The Office, American Dad, My Name Is Earl and Seinfeld will be available for your viewing pleasure (that is if you happen to get a Google TV).

TNT: serves up shows like Leverage, The Closer, Numb3rs and Supernatural. The quality isn't horrible but it isn't good either.


Bravo: The site offers Google TV users access to full episodes of Flipping Out, Top Chef, The Millionaire Matchmaker and various Real Housewives franchises. However, the video quality is once again nothing to jump up and down over, leaving those real housewives oftentimes really, really pixelated, and the player also tends to display banner ads at the bottom of the screen.

PBS: Fully optimized and ready to stream its PBS Kids site for Google TV, PBS was one of Google's premier partners. Children will be able to enjoy shows like Arthur, Sesame Street, and Martha Speaks. The fully optimized PBS version (still in development) will offer even more.

USA Network: Is on board and ….well they're on board. They have yet to offer anything really significant but they have some really nice Comic-Con panel recordings (*Sigh*).


Spike: Spike will allow you to view shows like The Ultimate Fighter, Entourage, TNA Impact in full HD with a very nice full-screen player.

So no more crying over banned networks, I'm sure as the popularity for this product grows even more networks will jump on the bandwagon. If you ask me even a few of the Networks who slam the door on Google will eventually turn around and want to be involved in the Google scene. Only time will tell.

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