Sharp Announces A Retina Display Android Phone

Tell the truth. Ever since the iPhone 4 launched, you've been wanting an Android display, am I right? Well your prays have been heard (sort of) because Sharp is launching the IS03 which comes with a 960x640 resolution on a 3.5" display and Android 2.1. That sounds familiar doesn't it? That's because it's exactly what the iPhone 4 has. Plus, it comes with display technology as good as the IPS one in the iPhone 4, with wide angle view.

It also packs a 9.6 MP camera as one of the more interesting features, although I'm not a very big advocate of high MP cameras, because I don't think MP counts towards quality anymore. If you want a good camera on a phone, ask for low-light sensitivity and how big the sensors are as some of the things that actually improve picture quality.

Now, I believe we'll see 1280x720+ resolution in Android phones as soon as next year once it gets supported in Gingerbread, so might want to hold out for one of those. Plus this phone is only going to sell in Japan and Europe, so if you're not from there, tough luck.

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