Scan and Go Walgreens Application 2.0


App Name: Walgreens

Description: The new Walgreens App is like having access to the entire store in your pocket.  You can scan and upload refills for prescription, view the weekly ad and find the closest Walgreens near you. Plus with Flu Season now in swing this app can find the closest Take Care Clinic (Minute Clinic) or Flu Shot Walgreens so you can get in and get out in a snap.


How it works: The Application itself is very well laid out right from the beginning.  As soon as you open the application it is very quick and responsive and had no issues finding the closest Walgreens in my area.  There are many options from Pharmacy, Weekly Ad, Shop, and find a clinic.  At the bottom you can find a flu shot location, refill by scan and store locator. This handy dandy application is a great addition to anyone that needs to find something quick, and get their prescription refills even faster.

Opinion: I really enjoy the ease of the app and how user friendly it is, plus always giving an option to go the HOME screen is a really nice touch and the simple layout.  Finding something with the SHOP feature is a great addition and Store Locator will continue to come in handy especially with the Holiday Season right around the corner.  The scan refill is great and if you can not scan you can always type it in as well in the PHARMACY screen, makes getting what you need less painful and faster all with a click a button.

Ratings :
Speed (4/5) – I experienced little lag, and everything was very responsive
Features (3/5) – Had some great features, and while you can log into the Photo side of the application, you can not upload photos I think for a updated version this would be a great addition.
Theme (3/5) -Theme itself is nice and refined, it is not to cluttered or simple and very eye pleasing.
Overall (3/5) -Walgreens application will make a great addition to android phone, and I am sure will come in handy for many.  The refill option is one of the best and the only one I have seen on the Market that works so well.  The features are great and not to complicated to any user can find what they need, and not have to wait forever for something to load. A great app and two Fist Pumps up!


Pro: Everything about this App screams convenience in your pocket.

Cons: Wonderful features and experienced no lag or force closes, just wish you could upload pictures.

Conclusion: This application is all about being simple and user friendly, while adding multiple features into a simple app that wont bloat or take up alot of precious memory. This is great for anyone needing to find something quick and for someone who has one refill or multiple refills and with the ease of scanning your bottle or typing it in, this makes getting what you need faster and in todays world that is a very good thing.