Rumor: Moto Global, Pro, Citrus/Ciena to Verizon 11/11

Left to right: Moto DROID Pro, Moto Citrus/Ciena, Moto DROID 2 Global, Palm Pre 2

Verizon Wireless reps will be busy this Veterans Day.

According to a tip on DroidLife, on November 11th, Big Red will be launching three new Motorola Android devices we've been speculating about.  Double Eleven is the day you could pick up a DROID 2 Global, a DROID Pro, or a Citrus/Ciena.  Here's a very brief recap of each:

The Motorola DROID 2 Global (A956) is the supposed DROID 2 replacement.  The D2G differs from the D2 in having global roaming and a faster CPU: 1.2 GHz.  This phone also had a codename of DROID 2 World Edition.


The Motorola DROID Pro (A957) has a 1 GHz processor as well as a front-facing  QWERTY keyboard, with a form factor similar to a BlackBerry, and optimized for business use including VPN security features.  This phone was codenamed both Sick and Venus.

And the Motorola Citrus, or is it the Ciena (WX445), gives you Android (2.1) on more of a budget with a 528 MHz CPU.  Moto has had a lot of fun changing around their product codenames, calling this the Citrus all summer, then telling us it was going to be released as the Ciena.  Nobody seems sure what to call it so many sites are using both names.

And if the VZW staff won't already have enough to do next month, supposedly the HTC Merge is dropping in the same day as well.


Oh, that phone on the right is a Palm Pre 2.  It doesn't run Android.  That is not the phone you want.

Source: DroidLife