Rumor: Moto DROID 2 to get Software Update, Same as DX Already Has


Poor Motorola DROID 2.  Despite launching with the latest version of Android operating system (Android OS 2.2, or Froyo), it never got the love that its older cousin, the DROID X, received.

And it turns out that the D2 is plagued by a an Exchange issue that was already fixed in the DX.  Talk about not getting any respect!  You can head over to Motorola Forums and listen to the D2 owners tell you about it. But a tipster to DroidLife  reports that Motorola support said the DROID 2 will have its software updated to version 2.3.15, and that it's going out in batches right now.

DroidLife immediately phoned Moto support to see if this was the party line.  Let's listen in:


Kellen B: Hi Romella, I've been having Exchange issues on my DROID 2. I know that the DROID X received an update to version 2.3.15 which fixed a lot of these. Will I be receiving an update to this too?
Romella: Yes. There are sending in in batches that is maybe why you have not received the upgrade yet.
Romella: Try to go to your Settings > About phone > System update.
Kellen B: Checking now…
Romella: Thanks.
Kellen B: Looks like it's not ready for me yet. But the update to 2.3.15 for the Droid 2 is definitely on the way?
Romella: It has been released. Let us just wait for the notification on the phone on how to download it.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

2.3.15 is the software version the DX received when Froyo updates went out over the air the last day of summer.

Poor Moto DROID 2.  No respect!  Rumored to disappear from shelves at any minute (and already yanked from Wal-Mart), rumored to be replaced by the DROID 2 Global, overshadowed by the X before it arrived and the Pro coming in when its on its way out, what's a poor little DROID to do?


If you have a D2, have you received this update yet?  Check your version under Settings > About Phone and let us know if you've gotten it.  If not, try Settings > About Phone > System Update and see if that gives you some OTA love.

The Moto Forums also confirm an update for D2 is on the way, but no timeline given.  If you are having Exchange issues and the update isn't yet available, you may want to read this note from Moto, which gives a few workarounds.

Source: DroidLife