Rumor: Is Moto DROID X SE Giving Verizon Silver Version?

Ah, another blurry picture of a leaked prototype!  This one supposedly bears the monicker Motorola DROID X SE.  And since it was leaked by a Verizon tipster, plus the Verizon logo on the lower right, it's definitely got the right heritage to be heading to Big Red.

SE could stand for either Special or Silver Edition, so either way, with the bright silver bezel and buttons, the name works.  Only one photo, so we don't know if the back is silver too.

Plus more leaky love: Supposedly, this X variant has that hot 1.2 GHz processor the DROID 2 Global will be sporting.  Guess it isn't the Moto XT610, which is a supposed version of the X cut down to mid-level price and capability.

And now for a few reasons that this might not be the most reliable rumor we've heard.  (Or seen, in this case.)  First, there was a story about an X variant on Phandroid this weekend.  And then it was gone.  Pulled.  Vanished.

Then another appearance, first on Phone Arena, and then on IntoMobile.  At the latter site, someone took the time to compare the photo to an actual DROID X and ask a few questions.  So we're going to pass those comparison photos along to you so you can decide just how much water the rumors hold, or whether a leak means it's all spilled on the ground.

Take a look at the first photo set below.  It's a blowup of the lower right-hand corner of the photo at left.  Compare it to the similar area on a stock X on the right.  Why is the Verizon logo in the corner instead of centered?  The DROID, DROID 2 and DROID 2 Global all have the VZW logo in the lower right, but they are not Xes.  Doesn't that make production of the X variant a little more expensive?  Or at least inconsistent?

Then again, if it's got a faster CPU (the X has a 1 GHz CPU), it would be better to have more differentiation.

Next, take a look at the bezel itself at the top and side.  Note how much wider the silver version is than the black, for the exact same part of the phone.

These are great observations, and we're going to have to see some less blurry photo leaks to get a better idea just what it is we're looking at.  Inventory leaks with model numbers would help, too.  The DROID X is model number MB810 in Verizon's system.  So if we were to find a new line item called, say, an MB811, that might be suggestive.

Sources & Images: IntoMobile via Phone Arena

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