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The first bit of news is a little late on our part, sorry.



It turns out that Notion Ink wants a new logo, you don't have much time to design it and again, I apologize for being late on this, it is due October 22nd! Yeah, sorry! I missed the boat on reporting this. All ideas will be finalized the 25th of October, however, the prize seems to be a NEW ADAM tablet from them as well as 1000 dollars, so ya may want to check that out if you can whip something up in a day or so. Remember, the best space is WHITE SPACE!

ADAM Is A Multitasker

The first hint of this is its new multitasking implementation that replaces the standard Android way of holding down the home button to reveal the last six applications you've accessed. That is pretty android like, awesome really, I hope that will stick in a final build.

Notion Ink is developing something called Eden, not just a garden anymore, nope this is a new way to live on your new Android tablet, it allows you to do many things, one of them being creating panels for the apps you use often, kind of like twitterdeck tweetdeck maybe? That could be good!


Notion Ink's blog talks about Eden, that is a good place if you ask me, here is something on it.

Eden consists of panels or Light Application instances(the above image is just an example). At any moment of time you can work on infinite applications. You will have 3 panels at your disposal and you can switch at any time, and the best part, irrespective of how many and which ever application you run in the panels, the main application is in deep sleep mode. Hence the over-all system is low on memory, extremely fast and optimized.

So now you control what to run, the whole application or panel (one thing to remember here is that in the full mode you get the full screen, so more components, features and more real estate). When you minimize, application calls a panel with the most important features and goes back to sleep (not deep sleep since you might need to call it back asap). (Example would be an email panel which allows you to read, send and refresh mail box, but to send "formatted email content" you need to call the main application).


So it almost sounds like spaces on a mac computer, that is pretty cool, those are useful!

This video shows more info on what are they are doing and who they are doing it with.


Adam To Have 1GB of Ram – CONFIRMED

So it seems this has indeed been confirmed and that is pretty awesome. 1 gig of ram on a device like this could do some major awesomeness, carry this to the coffee shop and do anything you want with ease. Along with this confirmation came new video and some new pictures which are both below.

And last….


Notion Ink Urges Developers To Dive Into Their Product

Notion Ink has started an EAP, Early Access Program, for developers, if you sign up at this link…. HERE! You can possibly get early access to the Notion Ink ADAM Tablet, only 200 can get it and they do have to pay the cost of it, however, you keep it and get to develop for a new platform that no one is using yet and everyone will be using soon. I know I signed up! It is more than just devs that are welcome, if you can tinker with the existing software of mess with it a LOT it sounds like they may accept you as well. They want to really test it hard before it hits the market (I am hoping that will be around Christmas? Maybe Easter?) So go check that out, dig in!


This just IN!

The Notion Ink Adam will have 15 hrs of Battery, Rohan updated us over the weekend that he goes 2 days or roughly 15 hours of use with ONE CHARGE! Wow, that tops iPad it sounds like. We are going to have to see what really happens when we get the device in our hands, but I am sure he tests it pretty heavily through out a day. This could be awesome and Amazing, I for one am VERY excited.


Stay tuned for other ADAM news, we will have it here, we have had exclusives in the past and will likely continue to do so.

Credit for these stories goes to AndroidCommunity and IntoMobile

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