Retrovo Does Election Style Poll, Android Wins Most States!

I know you're getting about as sick of elections and polls as I am but here's a poll I can really get behind.  Retrovo has brought us a different take on the old smartphone polls.  As we see below, Android has a good lead with voters, Taking 21 states.  However just as in the presidential election, Apple wins the "Gadgetorial" vote.  Now taking those into account, Android falls to a disappointing third, behind even RIM and their BlackBerry.  The Votes were collected from March 2010 to July 2010 and is not based on sales, but rather the actual handset owned by survey takers.

What can we take away from this?  I like to take note of the regional differences in the phones.  BlackBerry takes the business heavy east coast.  Apple takes Cali, The Gulf Coast, and the Great Lakes region.  Android holds a good spot with a line straight across the nation, plus the non continental states.  Does this really mean much in terms of market share, not sure.  It is kind of fun to see the figures in a new way though.

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