Ready, Steady, Go, Paypal Is Almost Here…

October 27, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Did someone say PayPal? That’s right, soon there will be a Market option to be able to pay for things with a PayPal Account. We are just waiting on that guy in the dark room to flick a button and make it live for all of us to enjoy.  With that being said, this will also allow a better sharing and buying of apps globally that others might not have the chance to enjoy with the current payment in the Market option.

The groundwork is all laid out, and so we wait and I am sure wait some more.  This has turned out to be a stellar year for Google so far and I am sure no plans of stopping soon this is one of only many things to come as far as the Market world is concerned.

So major fist pumps to that! So if you like PayPal then this is for you, and if not you can always check out the old-fashioned way on the Market.