New YouTube Ported to Eclair

October 27, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

If you happen to be rocking an Android phone with 2.1 on it, you were probably less than thrilled that the new YouTube application that was released didn’t make the cut for your device. Lucky for you (and me), a member over at XDA did what they do best and have ported the updated app to 2.1 devices.

ROOT ALERT! You must be rooted before you can even attempt to install this on your device. If you are, good job, keep reading. You will also need to manually remove the existing YouTube application with ADB or another file manager with write privileges. That’s all there is too it! Download the app and install. You will now have the new app that brings a refreshed UI and some (helpful) new features.

It’s certainly a step in the right direction, I’m sure this will make many 2.1 users happy. The fact that you must be rooted might be a little off-putting to some though. It’s a general consensus that the app should be 2.1 compatible to begin with, after all, it WAS pre-installed on your device to begin with. If you attempt to install the updated app that will just simply fail.

All in all, if you want this on your 2.1 device, you’ll have to root it. The process can vary from phone to phone. Some can be difficult, others have 1-click solutions, keep in mind that in most cases rooting your device will  most likely void your warranty.

For more info on the ported app and to download it, visit XDA.