NEW Disqus Android app, Moderate with ease Bloggers!


Disqus, known for being a next-gen community management and social web integration service,were lacking in the mobile app department until now, releasing their mobile app for Android operating systems. This was something they hinted towards around a month ago after a great demand for on the go blog support.

Before the release of the new Android app only basic functions such as receiving new notifications and replying could be performed on a device. Now with the new mobile version they've added all the features needed to moderate anywhere. While designed for all Android systems, it is geared towards devices with smaller screens. Users can log in, check comments, which can also be color coded according to status. Also by pressing on a selected comment you can see it full size, delete it, or spam it, whatever the case may be. Notifications can also be set to alert you of new messages.

Key features included in Disqus mobile:

  • Approving, Marking spam, Deleting content
  • Filtering by status
  • Background notifications
  • Search
  • Reply
  • View Context

The app is easy to use and isn't a battery hog. So if you run a site or are just a blog enthusiast, check it out and see what the Disqus mobile app can do for you. The app is available in the Android Market for download, simply search keyword Disqus and start moderating.