NAMCO Bringing Games to Android

October 6, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Android is getting some cool games from Namco, like the one seen right above! You may remember Namco from such games as Pac-Man, Final Fantasy mobile, The Wolfman and TEKKEN Resolute for mobile.

“Pac-Man Kart Rally” will be another typical kart racer with the usual power-ups and weapons to throw your fellow racers to the curb. Offers 10 characters, 4 worlds and five modes to play in.

Another game we’ll see on Android is called “Flight Control”. This game will play just as it has on the iPhone and iPad. Be an air traffic controller without the stress of killing hundreds of people several times a day as you direct planes to landing strips and manage the airport as multiple planes begin their decent.

You can be sure that bigger game developer companies like Namco and EA don’t spend money to create games for a platform unless they see it beneficial, which re-affirms the fact that Android is filling the market and giving Apple some healthy competition. Let’s hope they keep bringing these awesome games to Android.