Motorola Terminator Coming to AT&T


It's official. AT&T is desperate. With the iPhone going to Verizon, that will mean quite an exodus of subscribers, because what most iPhone users hate about their device, is that it's on AT&T. Many of them will leave to Verizon once iPhones goes there, which will probably make it seem like Apple is gaining millions more users, when in fact maybe half of those will be the one that transfer for AT&T.

So with Apple ending its exclusivity with Apple, this means AT&T must get their hands on the hottest latest devices as well, which is why they've started to play much nicer with Android lately.


A rumor says that AT&T will also get the beast of a phone, the dual core Tegra 2 Droid Terminator from Motorola, that Verizon is also getting. The Terminator will likely leave every other smartphone out there eating dust behind it, and it's probably going to be one of the most popular devices early next year, because it's also going to be one of the first to have Android Gingerbread.

With new overhauled UI, massive performance improvements with new generation dual core CPU's and Geforce 9 graphics that are able to play Unreal 3, the Terminator is going to set one hell of a standard for the phones coming after it in 2011. Here's hoping that the others will catch up and even exceed it soon enough, because choice is great.

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