Motorola Olympus With Tegra 2 Will Put Others To Shame

October 26, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

There has been much talk in recent weeks about Motorola’s involvement with the NVIDIDA Tegra 2. Mixed in with all of the hype, we’ve heard the name Motorola Olympus bounced around a bit. Many seem to pin the Olympus as a tablet but our friends at BGR are informing us this could be a “tablet style” smartphone that will make its way to AT&T early in 2011. The Olympus is said to feature a 4-inch screen but not the kind we are used to seeing like LCD or AMOLED. The screen is “beautiful” and “steps it up in resolution,” according to the source. This could be a direct response to the iPhone’s retina display. The source also states that the phone will run on an NVIDIA chipset, pair that up with all of this talk about the Tegra 2, it seems practical that the Olympus would be getting it.

It is quite clear that the first Android smartphone to hit the market sporting a Tegra 2, should also be buddied with a set of specs that would make much of today’s current offerings seem like starter handsets. If AT&T happens to get it first, it would certainly put them in a unique situation with the iPhone still available. I’d be interested to see what Steve Jobs has to say about that.