Motorola DROID X Component and Sales Woes

October 8, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

According to a report by MKM partners published by Barron’s there is some supply problems for Motorola device components for the DROID X. With Samsung playing hard ball in the Android market now it seems that Motorola is taking a hit in both sales and now parts to build its devices.

Motorola sold 3.5 million handsets in the third quarter according to MKM partners which is not a terrible figure but is certainly not as good as to be expected. These falling sales figures can be partly attributed to the lackluster commercial and critical performance of the DEVOUR, BACKFLIP and FLIPOUT. It is looking like Motorola, despite their best efforts is not getting a strong hold on the mid-range Android handset market and it is starting to affect their premium toys.

Let’s hope with the announcement of the DROID Pro that Motorola can regain some of it’s lost footing and carve out some Android enterprise space for itself.