Moto Olympus Has Gingerbread? But What's the Olympus?

What sounds like the Mount of Greek Gods, thinks two heads are better than one, and smells like cinnamon and spice?

That's a fairly preposterous riddle, and the screenshot at left from Droid Life raises a lot more questions than it answers, too.  The Motorola Olympus is a rumored Tegra 2 device, and we already know there are plenty of rumors that Motorola has two Android tablets on the way.  The most recent form of this rumor says that the Olympus and another Motorola product, the Everest, are both tablets.

So what's this screenshot tell us?  Droid Life says it was passed on by a tipster at Motorola.  There's a couple of references to Android OS 3.0, so visions of G-men danced in our heads.  Remember, we still don't know if Gingerbread is going to be Android OS 2.5 or 3.0 or 2.3.  So it's also possible we're looking at a Honeycomb OS on this device.

There's also a model number of MB860.  The top bar says "About phone," not "About device."  And the MB810 is the model number for... the Motorola DROID x.  Which is, in case anyone can't remember, a higher-end smartphone released in July (and immediately sold out).

Motorola has been changing their code names for new mobile products as fast as a New Yorker can tell you to get out of his way.  Olympus could be the tablet we've been calling Stingray.  Olympus could be the high-end Tegra 2 phone that Sanjay Jha has been keeping very, very quiet and that Taylor Wimberly has nicknamed the T2.  There are enough comments about Jha's secret project that say it will be a dual core Tegra 2 device and the first phone to run Gingerbread.  Meanwhile Phone Arena quotes a "trusted source" saying the MB860 is indeed the dual core smartphone, and furthermore AT&T (not Verizon!) will have first dibs on it.

There are also problems with the screenshot itself.  It's not at a resolution any known device would display, and there's no notification bar.  So that could mean this image is a fake, or that the new device has a new resolution nobody's ever seen (a reduced seven-inch tablet?) or maybe Gingerbread does away with the notification bar.  Like we said, lots more questions than answers.

Please share your speculations on what you think this could be.

Source: Droid Life

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