More PlayStation Phone Leaks. Same Disapointing Design and Specs

sony ericsson playstation phone prototype leak 11 580x5001

At this point things are very confusing. Is the leaked PS Phone real or not? More leaks show that it might be. Also Sony has first said that the leaks are fake, but now they’ve pushed the original blog that showed them to remove that quote, and now they are simply saying that they don’t want to comment on it.

Even though this is supposed to be only a prototype, it doesn’t really impress us with its design, and neither with its specs. If this is supposed to be the best gaming phone, then it should have the best gaming hardware – and it doesn’t! It has a 2nd gen Snapdragon with Adeno 205 GPU, which is still less performant than Galaxy S’ GPU that was released 4 months ago.

Tegra 2 is going to be the best graphics processor on the market with dual core CPU that can run Unreal 3. It seems to me that would’ve been a much better choice for the “Playstation Phone”.