Mobilicity’s “Friends and Family” is GREAT for Android

October 5, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Mobilicity has a vision to bring wireless affordability to Canadians who want to get themselves a wireless device and plan. They have 6 monthly talk and text plans and hopefully will be launching in many cities soon. Over the past weekend they announced their upcoming Q4 promotions but there is something better out there that will take some hard work and smooth skills at developing relationships.

If you’re looking to get hooked up with a Mobilcity plan you might want to reach out and find somebody who works there. The “Mobilicity Insider” is exactly what you would think it is. Incredibly discounted monthly rates & plans for those who are “Friends and Family” of Mobilicity. If you are one of the chosen one who can work themselves on the inside you can score the $45 monthly plan for only $25 per month (44.4% off) and the $65 plan for only $35 per month (46.2% off).

These plans with and Android phone makes a great deal,specially with the coming of the Nexus One on their Network.

Go forth and be somebody here at MobilicityInsider