Leak: Pic of LG's Verizon LTE Phone

What's this?  Why it's an upcoming Android phone that LG is making for Verizon Wireless.  But this one is made to run on Big Red's LTE network, which is how Verizon spells 4G.  LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, although customers may be calling it Loathsome Tiered Excess.

LG has been late to the party with Android offerings, although they are making it up in volume.  And Verizon hasn't been talking much about their upcoming LTE devices, just the network itself.  So we certainly were intrigued when this leaked photo appeared on Engadget.  They asked if anyone could make out the logos on the back, saying they identified LTE, WiFi and that another might be DLNA.  The camera is labeled HD, so that's suggesting 720 or 1080p video.  And what's that big dot on the top right of the device front?  Could that be a front-facing camera?  Video chat would be sweet.

Taylor Wimberly has more to say about this high-end smartphone (and yes, LG and high-end are two words that only went together when connected by "isn't") over at Android and Me.  He reminds us that LG said they're working on a Tegra 2 dual core smartphone and this is probably it.  Plus Verizon said they were introducing several LTE handsets at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in early January, so that's when we should be seeing this LG device officially.

He also thinks this phone could be faster and better looking than the other Tegra 2 Verizon offering on the way: the much-vaunted Motorola Olympus (formerly nicknamed Terminator).  LG claims the Tegra 2 processor is twice as fast surfing the net and five times as fast in game performance.  I would pay to see those two phones in a fair fight.

Sources: Engadget, Android and Me

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