Launcher Pro update brings much needed bug fixes and more!

Last we heard from Federico we received news that he would be rebuilding launcher pro delivering not only a better application for its users but also he aimed to make his own code easier for him to understand to make it easier to add to it.  Well, Federico has done just that with his release of LauncherPro  This new release brings lots of much needed bug fixes and new features for LauncherPro plus users. For us plus users a new pop feature allows us to swipe up on the dialer or sms icons to show missed calls and unread messages.

A Closer Look AT What's New...

For all users:

  • Fixed force close issues when setting the home screen grid rows/columns to 1.
  • Fixed the problem where increasing grid size with auto-fit would make it hard to move items to the bottom right area of the grid.
  • Changed folders to always open full-screen regardless of the grid size.

For Plus users only:

  • Fixed a force close issue with the Friends widget.
  • Fixed the Friends widget not being able to post comments to Facebook.
  • Added an option for the Calendar widget to set the week to start on Monday instead of Sunday (after releasing the update, I found a glitch where busy days are marked wrong with this setting on, will be fixed later today in
  • New Feature: Dock Popups! A perfect complement for dock notifications and dock swipe actions, the new dock popups give you quick access to information without leaving LauncherPro. In this release I've included two popups: Missed Calls, and Unread SMS. More popups will come in future updates.To enable them, long-press on the desired dock icon, choose "Swipe gesture action", then "Show Popup..." and choose the popup. Now when you swipe that icon up, you'll get a popup showing you the selected information.Both of these popups mark all items as read/viewed when you open them, so they'll automatically clear the dock notification bubble. You can click on an item (SMS or call) to open it in their respective apps.

Can't find it in the Market don't worry I have it right here

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