I is for Ice Cream: Android OS 4.0

android ice cream

We’ve got a name for the next next release of the Android Operating System.  Gingerbread will be out fairly soon, then Honeycomb, and next up: Ice Cream.

Forbes blog has the “scoop” from ARM president Tudor Brown.  The Cambridge, England-based company says its processor technology is used in more than 95% of the world’s cellphones and over one-quarter of all electronic devices.  That includes plenty of Android devices.

It was Samsung, not Google, who divulged the Honeycomb name at a trade show, so there is precedent for a partner passing along this information.

Google isn’t commenting about future release names.  Expected release dates for upcoming versions are end of the year for Gingerbread, early 2011 for Honeycomb, and mid-year 2011 for Ice Cream.

Forbes also wonders how the expected statue commerating the Ice Cream release will be distinguished from the Froyo statue already at Google headquarters’ front lawn.

Source: Forbes Blogs