HTC Bee and Desire Dummies show up at Alltel stores

October 23, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Not too long ago, a ROM hit the circuits that claimed to before HTC Bee and was equipped with Alltel branding. Our friends over at Droid-Life snagged a picture of the HTC Bee side by side with the HTC Desire, dummy phones of course. The picture was taken at an Alltel Wireless retail store so this is a strong sign that both of these devices will launch on Alltel in just a few short weeks.

It may come to surface that the HTC Desire may take on a new name with Alltel and be known as the Spitfire or something similar. Keep your eyes peeled for any word on that.

Alltel seemed to be slowly fading off into the cellular depths but recently has been making strides in hopes of a comeback and has started to equip themselves with a decent Android device offering, one that was particularly brought to light with the addition of the Motorola Milestone.