How Far Are You Willing to Push Your Samsung Vibrant? How About 1.6GHz Overclock?


I am currently a Samsung Vibrant owner, and I also really enjoy modding my phone with all sorts of different ROMs, kernels, and what not. I also enjoy seeing how far I can push my phone. I am not the only one, the guys of Team Whiskey have started what they deem the "Manhattan Project".

The goal is simple, see how far they can push the Hummingbird processor that is in the Galaxy S line of phones. They started with the Vibrant, and they made a splash.

  • 1.6 GHz Overclock
  • Over 3000 in Quadrant
  • 78 FPS in Neocore

Holy ****, that is amazingly fast. Every Galaxy S owner who have used Neocore normally get around 58-60 FPS, so as you can tell that is a huge step up.

As of right now they are working on only the Vibrant, but they promised that they will release it for the other Galaxy S phones, except the Verizon Fascinate since they don't have one to work on (maybe join our contest to get one).

It is also not available for download, I know I looked. Here is the message they left on the XDA thread about it,


"To update the project and to iterate why the download link was removed, the kernel seems to be misbehaving and we havent yet nailed down the correction as of yet.

As many people pointed out once it was released, the kernel seems to slow down 3D graphics. With this information and taking a day to go through all the options and data available to me, we discovered this issue isn't limited to just 3D graphics.

Imagine if you were running at 10MPH, and while you were running time slowed down but the slowdown didnt effect you. So you're still running at 10MPH but to the rest of the slowed down world, now you're running at 15MPH, even though your speed and direction havent changed.


The changes in the code for one reason or another arent playing nice with the Android system. Instead of pushing the clock up, in most cases, what its doing is simply slowing the internal clock down to the tune of about 30%. This is what is actually providing the benchmark gains that were being recorded, not an actual gain. This doesn't mean that the project is dead, we are recompiling to get a stable overclock with the new configurations. This doesn't mean the project was a failure, it just means we need to rewrite the alpha."

Sounds kind of exciting, how many people are going to go out and grab a Galaxy S phone just to try this?

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