Hot Topic: Why Most Android Phones Running 2.1+ Doesn't Matter

It is a good thing to see that more and more Android devices do have the more current version of Android, at least for now, but it would be even better if those OS updates were more from Google and the phone carriers and not necessarily using ROMs to be able to get the more current OS for their respective phones.

The reason why these phone stats are growing with the Android platform is most likely because those who were not able to update their OS through their carriers , namely T-Mobile is notorious for this in comparison to the other carriers, is what i had to do in order to stay with this ever-changing world of Android. Buy a new phone. If not i would still be waiting, and i for one do not like to wait.

With the new release of the new Android version about to be debuted at any moment now, I would really like to see Google crack down on the carriers and OEMs to get their act together (I'm not talking about the "no need for skinned phones" Motorola already put their foot down and said people are SOL if they want a phone from them that is not skinned. I'm sure other carriers are sharing their same sentiments to some extent). Although Rubin says that the consumer will make better choices, isn't it some what of a good thing to service those of the platform who are struggling? I do not have another cell phone carrier (I'm with T-Mobile for now) so I don't know to the extent other users are having to deal with the lack of updates.

But what I do think would be useful is if Google were to create a universal access program for Android users to be able to receive their updates through the OEMs and not have to wait and see if the carrier will be able to push out the updates over the air and calculate the use of their bandwidth wisely. This program would have to be accessible for any PC platform, not just Windows. There are other Mac users of Android out there, who much like myself who are always SOL when it comes to doing anything with our phones because of our OS. And before anyone makes any smart remarks about switching to the iPhone or get a Windows computer, that's total bull. Google needs to understand that their Android user base is of a variety of people and they have to be able to be entitled to anyone who wants to be able to modify the phones that they have.

Part of the reason why Android is still not where iPhone is, is not because the iPhone has been around longer, but because its practicality is emphasized and just well understood with all Apple products. And you would think that Google could have that too because of their simplistic and yet desirable search engine, but with Android they dropped the ball.

So Google, numbers and stats about your phones running OS number whatever doesn't mean anything, it's no feat and effort on your part. There is a lot more that you can do, and being more hands on and aggressive is a good thing in this area. Remember the original Droid series commercial? "in a world of iCant, Droid Does," you gotta step up to that plate. I understand that you're not the one making the devices, but you have to be able to ensure that your baby will grow and that the people who adopted it at any stage are taken into consideration, at least for two years since most people do buy their phones under contract. And with that I do understand and well comprehend that devices and technology change at an alarming pace but that doesn't mean that older phones that become outdated within a few months can't have the courtesy of being up to date with the current version of Android. Take some features away, the ones you know that the phone can't handle or just ones that the phone really needs. Apple did this really well with their OS into multiple devices when it was really meant to introduce the iPhone 4.

Now I don't mean to be comparing Apples and oranges, so to speak, but gathering all these little methods about doing things has served them well, so why not adapt and modify to make it your own? It's not a matter about pride, at least not now, but it will appeal to so many more people and make the Android experience more better and pleasant to deal with, even with the lows that every OS experiences.

So Google when you do go about creating the, "Android Hub" or "Android Terminal" I would like a piece of that pie please, I was an early adopted of the G1, so it's not like I'm whining about something i just got into. Then y'all can go ahead and broadcast your numbers and brag about them all you want. I honestly would encourage you to do so. And then more and more people will be behind you and then you can have your own die hard fanboys that seem less deranged due to the more logical approaches that could be taken.

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