Hot Topic: App Stores and The Android Wal-Market

Its been a while since most folks have heard that Verizon is planning to make their own application store to compete against Google's Android Market, right? Well, how this will work, we won't really know until we see it in action but it can be safe to assume is that the Verizon App Store (V CAST Apps) will be the K-Mart to the Market's WalMart.

Yeah, there isn't much of a difference between the two, but there are some things not offered in one store versus the other. And depending where you live or familiar with, the differences could be reversed, but where I'm from K-Mart is better than WalMart.

In WalMart you can find what you want if you're willing to dig through all the crap that is over crowded in those stores. Just like the Android Market, and they both also have a policy I hate like Kirsty Ally and Jenny Craig. Whatever is there is all we have.

You really would think that Google would have a good search feature for the Market as it does with its own search engine, but alas, that feature still really isn't available now is it?

No one knows what exactly will go on once the Android platform has two app stores, but it will further divide the operating system preferences between people (and I don't mean Android OS versions or variations). I really am fed up with it and how so half assed many things feel, what was a good and brilliant idea is looking like a shit storm with a possibility of hail.

The Market is okay, but it really could get better. Is this fix or half-assed fix going to be implemented in Android 3 or 7 and 3/4? Google better really step up their game, or else many Android users and developers will soon see the massive crap pie they have been rolling around in. Practicality beats fanboys any day, and it is no secret that both Apple and Android have their own crazy fanboys that will probably flip shit at what I've just said.

Is this any sign that Verizon will continue to take matters into their own hands and what future will it hold for future Verizon branded Android handsets? No more bloatware? Or more bloatware? Let's just hope that somehow Google figures a practical way to sweep us off our feet again, if they had a long time ago there would be no need for another "app store" and who knows, with a firmer hand, most Android Handsets would be up to date on their Android OS and not just leave users in the hands of their cellular providers. But alas, this has been said by many and will continue to be said, Google needs a Steve Jobs to be our new Jesus.

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