'Help The Needy' Samsung Intercept Contest Winner

For the past few weeks we have been running a contest in conjunction Radioandroid.net that is sponsored by Samsung USA to give away a Brand New Samsung Intercept Android Smartphone.The contest was based on 'who was really in need of the handset' and we received a lot of entries for the contest and narrowed down the field to few that we felt were really in need.Then we turned it over to fans of androidhealdines.com and listeners of radioandroid.net ,users of twitter and facebook and allowed them to vote on the "Help the Needy" contest.It was a close vote but one entry really hit home with everyone and was the clearcut winner AJ .She will be sent a brand new Samsung Intercept Android Smartphone and as well Kyle from TheDroidGuy.com was so touched by her story he was sending her a Sprint Gift Certificate to help her out as well.Below is her heartfelt story and we would like to thank Samsung and Ashley Lane MWW for helping us with this promotion and helping out some really in need.

To the tune of "Video Killed the Radio Star!"

I was sitting with my phone upon my lap
And then it slipped off and I thought I heard a crack.
I was crying, there was nothing I could do.


I looked down then I slapped my hands upon my face!
I have no money, no insurance, can't replace
And when my children saw it, they were crying too.


The glass is shattered!


My dreams are splattered!

Radio Android Win me the phone
Radio Android Win me the phone

In my purse or in my hand
I'll protect it across the land

Radio Android Win me the phone
Radio Android Win me the phone
Radio Android Win me the phone
Radio Android Win me the phone

Hi there!  I am droidless in the world and need help!

I am a single mother of three teenagers....on my own...recovering victim of domestic violence and super super super missing my one luxury for myself!

As a single parent, there aren't many things for me to do except protect, love and raise my kids.  My three kids are all advanced honors students...absolutely amazing and my reason for living.  It takes every little bit of what I make from my Cancer Center job to raise them and provide for them.  Luxuries for me are few and far between....VERY few and far between...and that's okay.  I got the four of us out of a dangerous and very abusive situation...I would take broke any day over what we came from....

My phone is my lifeline to my kids.  I had an old stupid one for years and years and finally was able to save up enough to get a droid on an upgrade.   I got the LG Ally.  I was beyond ecstatic to finally have such a comprehensive tool to help me manage my life...the lives of three teenagers and more.  I quickly fell in love with my droid and grew very attached to it....as in...it became an extra appendage!  My droid did everything except cook my dinner!

However, one day, my addition was happily sitting on my lap, awaiting my next need when I did something reeeeally stupid.  I got out of the car....with it still on my lap.  Yes...what happened next is tragic.  It jumped from my lap and landed on the ground about 2 feet below just right so that the screen shattered.  I cried.  Yes, I cried.  I even held a small funeral for it.  And we aren't talkin a goldfish funeral either.  My brand new droid....that I waited for soooo long...and loved soooo dearly...gone.  I searched high and low and found no solution to repair it.  I was saving money and didn't opt for insurance on it....and I haven't an extra dime to put into replacing it....so....I am droidless in the world!  The one thing that I allowed for myself...is gone.

Needless to say, I am super sad...and lost....and worried about forgetting something for my kids because I no longer have the world at my fingertips.  And it will probably be another couple of years before I can reasonably save up enough money to replace it.  (I know...POO!)  The needs of my children come first and the way these three eat...um...yeah.  Its going to be a while.

I've been through enough...I've lost more than I can calculate....I have an endless struggle ahead....BUT...I'm alive.  I will survive droidless....however....being with-droid, I will be more organized, happier and a more effective parent as we stumble our way through this world.

If you have a droid that needs a home, I promise I will love it, cherish it and treat it as if it were one of my own!  I thank you in advance for your consideration.

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